4 Ways To Keep Rust Off Your Car

Posted on: 7 August 2015

Rust on a car is not only unfortunate for the aesthetics of the car, but it can also cause body damage that is very hard to fix. The best thing you can do is avoid rust from forming altogether. Extra water and high amounts of salt are some common contributors to rust forming, but any car can get rusty without proper care. Here are some ways to prevent rust.

Wash Your Car Often

One of the best things you can do in order to prevent rust is to keep your car clean. Take it to a car wash often or wash it at home. If you take it to a car wash, choose one that uses high-pressure nozzles as this helps to remove build-up and salt in the crevices and corners of the car.

If you wash it at home, pay close attention to the undercarriage, as this is often where rust starts to form. You want to wash away any build-up or corrosion that has collected on your car, so wash it regularly. The frequency depends on your climate and weather conditions. If you live near the beach, the salty, humid air could cause rust more quickly, so washing more often is needed.

Apply Wax on a Regular Basis

Another thing to do on a regular basis for your car is to apply wax. Wax gives your car a smooth finish, but it also helps to seal in the paint. The paint on your car also helps reduce oxidation, which is what leads to rust. By keeping the paint waxed, you help to reduce the frequency of rust problems on the surface of your car. There is wax that is easy to apply on your own, or you can get it professionally done. It doesn't need to be done as often as washing the car, but don't delay when you notice the wax start to wear away.

Use Rust Inhibitor Spray

Rust inhibitor spray helps to keep away rust by providing an extra layer of protection on your car. It can be used anywhere, but is particularly useful on parts of your car that don't have paint. Those areas of the car don't have wax as a protectant, so they need a little help. Spray the undercarriage of the car, close to where the brake lines and fuel lines are. These areas are susceptible to corrosion and rust. Rust inhibitor spray is inexpensive and easy to find at auto supply stores.

Make Sure the Car is Always Dry

Keeping the car dry as often as possible is also important if you want to keep away rust. After washing your car, make sure it is thoroughly dried with towels. It is better to dry it with towels than air dry, since air drying could still leave little corners and crevices with small puddles of water that lead to rust. If you just got home after driving in the rain, park somewhere that is covered and go over it with some large towels.