Signs That Your Transmission Need Work

Posted on: 27 September 2016

The transmission is one of the key components of your car. In a car with an automatic transmission it is fully responsible for shifting your car's gears, meaning that you can go nowhere if it stops working. Fortunately, your transmission does provide plenty of warning signs if it is beginning to suffer issues. The following guide can help you spot trouble before you car fully breaks down.

Sign #1: Fluid leaking from the transmission

Transmission fluid leaks are easy to spot because the fluid is usually bright red or reddish-orange. There is never a good reason for a fluid leak. Common causes are worn out gaskets, a break in the line, worn axles, cracked bell housing, or a leak in the transmission pan. Although you can keep adding fluid, this only delays a breakdown since leaks tend to get worse over time and will eventually lead to irreparable damage. Instead, have a mechanic track down the leak and repair it promptly before you end up needing a new transmission.

Sign #2: A burning sweet odor

Transmission fluid has a sweet odor on its own. If your transmission is beginning to burn fluid, this can result in a scorched or burning sweet odor in the car. There are several causes of this issues, but most can be traced to dirty fluid or friction within the transmission. Both problems can cause your transmission to seize. Often the issue can be fixed with a simple flush of the old fluid and then replacement with new fluid.

Sign #3: Jerky shifting

Most automatic transmission owners don't even notice when their car is shifting because it happens so smoothly. The problem occurs when a transmission is beginning to have issues with worn gears. The car starts to shift jerkily or it hesitates before moving into the next gear. In some cases the hesitation may be prolonged enough to cause the car to stall. In this case, it's time to schedule an inspection so the problem gears can be identified and repaired.

Sign #4: Whining or grinding noises

Changing gears shouldn't be indicated by any type of noise from the transmission, so if you hear a grinding, whining, or buzzing noise each time your transmission shifts or when it is in a specific gear, chances are there is a problem brewing. The gear may be wearing out or there could be an obstruction in the transmission leading to a friction issue.

Take your car into an auto repair shop like Blue Valley Garage to have the transmission inspected if you suspect any problems.