3 Tow Worthy Situations

Posted on: 1 August 2016

There are numerous situations in which you might need your car to be towed. Some of these situations are not quite as obvious as you might think. Included in this brief list are just a few situations in which you might need the help of a tow service and how the tow service can help you if your find yourself in such a conundrum. Read on!

Flat Tire

Not everyone in the world knows to change a tire. If you happen to be one of the numerous individuals in the world who can't seem to wrap his or head around how to change a tire, a tow service can potentially help you out of this pickle. A tow service can be incredibly valuable if you find yourself in this particular situation. If you do have a spare, a tow driver will usually be able to help you affix it for a small fee. If you need a permanent, new tire, many tow drivers will personally take you to a tire store, then back to your car, and then replace the tire right then and there. As you see, not every situation in which you require the help of an auto towing service actually requires that your vehicle be towed!

Empty Tank

Running out of gas on a stretch of highway, especially when you don't know anyone who lives in the area, can be an incredibly frustrating and even embarrassing experience. Luckily, a towing service can usually help you out of such a situation in a timely manner. Many towing services will be happy to pick you up from your stranded destination – with gas can in tow – take you to the nearest gas station, allow you to fill up, and will take you right back to your car where you can make sure that you have enough gas to fill up the rest of the tank. They will usually perform this service for a mere nominal fee, as well.

Broken Down Vehicle

Having your car stall or die on you while you're in the middle of driving can be a horrific experience. It is recommended that you slowly attempt to accelerate when this happens, as applying pressure to the brakes can cause the car to skid out of control, and then navigate the car to the shoulder of the road. Afterwards, call on the help of an auto towing service. They can take you and your vehicle to an area that is nearby and free from busy traffic; or, they can take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair store.

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