Want to Start Your Own Automotive Machine Shop in Your Garage? Tools You Will Need

Posted on: 9 August 2016

Automotive machine shops typically have all kinds of tools to complete complicated body work quickly. If you would like to start your own machine shop in your garage, you are going to need several of the tools that the pros have and use. Here is just a small collection of the most essential tools you will need.

Blow Torch or Arc-Welding Machine

These are used to cut the tops off of cars and deconstruct and reconstruct vehicles for a more custom look. They also help shape and refine pieces of a vehicle that needs to be rebuilt from scraps because there is nothing else that can be found to replace a missing part. You may find that these tools will be advantageous for axle repair and other cumbersome repairs too.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Working on some really tough lug nuts can be a pain without a hydraulic torque wrench. In fact, if you buy the right kind of hydraulic torque wrench, you will get multiple tools in one. In addition to the torque wrench, you may also receive the means to inflate tires, flush engine components with air or water, and so forth. These are all add-on tools for the hydraulic system behind the wrench, so choose wisely.

Body Sander

If you are planning to do a lot of body work in your garage, you will want a body sander too. Make sure you purchase one that has a dust-control bag attached so that while you are sanding the paint and rust off of a vehicle, the bag on the sander is collecting it. This prevents you from breathing in the fine particles of paint or metal that could prove to be a serious health problem. The body sander may come with additional sanding head attachments that do all kinds of neat and interesting things with body detailing. (You may just want to try a bunch of the sanding heads to see what you can accomplish before you attempt to use any of them regularly in your makeshift machine shop.)

Hydraulic Dent Remover

This is one tool most machine shops will not do without. It uses vacuum force created by reverse hydraulic pressure to pull dents out of vehicles. It is preferred to the standby method of drilling a hole in the dent and then popping or pulling the dent out from the inside from behind the drilled hole. Once the hydraulic dent remover has done its job, you can use your body sander to buff out the creases before repainting the car.

Check out shops like Certified Products Co to see what tools and methods they use so that you can set things up like a pro.