3 Solutions For Recycling Your Old Car For Cash And Cleaning Your Yard

Posted on: 11 August 2016

Do you have an old classic car that you never got around to restoring? Maybe it has become more of a rust bucket and eyesore than a vehicle that can be restored. To get things cleaned up and to put a little cash in your pocket, you may want to remove those extra pieces and recycle that 'ole hunk of junk. Here are some solutions that can help you get the cash out of your junk car by recycling it:

1. Remove The Drivetrain And Try To Sell It Separately

Intact drivetrain with a motor, transmission and rear end can be worth money if they are in working condition or need few repairs. You may want to separate all of them to sell them individually. Sometimes, older transmissions can be a good find and are often used in many different model cars, as well as the engines and rear ends.

2. Strip The Car Of Aftermarket Parts And Sell Them 

If your car is an older classic, it may have aftermarket parts. Some of these are obvious name brand parts, which you can remove and sell at many different places. There are even parts that you can get a core deposit on from auto parts stores. In addition, there are some older aftermarket parts like rims, which can sometimes be rare, very hard to find and valuable. This is especially true for older racing rims, which may not be made anymore. Additionally, if they are made out of aluminum, they cannot be repaired.

3. Remove Any Metals That Are Not Steel And Recycle Them Separately

There may also be metals that are not steel on your car, which can be more valuable if you remove them from the car. Remove any chrome parts and try to sell them separately. In addition, be on the lookout for aluminum casings for things like transmissions, motors and rear ends. Some of the aftermarket parts may also be made of other metals, which can be valuable to recycle if they have little to no resell value.  You may want to try to sell these as parts and recycle them if you cannot find a buyer.

These are some solutions that you may want to consider for your old junk car before you take it in for cash. If you are ready to turn your car in, contact an used car dealer like Georgetown Auto Sales about trading in your car in for trade if you do not want to recycle it.