Understanding Retread Car Tires and Their Benefits

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Although most people think of large semi-trucks when they hear the term "retread tire," the fact is that retreads aren't just for big trucks. There are many retread tires available for passenger cars as well. If you're in the market for new tires, there are a few reasons why you should think about buying retread tires for your car.

Affordability. Retread tires are not as costly as traditional new tires. Retreads are priced more affordably because they are not as costly to manufacture. In fact, retread tires cost less and require less time to manufacture. Those reduced costs and the minimal time investment make them easier to sell at a fraction of the price of a new tire. Investing in retreads can save you significantly over the life of your car, particularly if you choose nothing but retreads when you buy new tires.

Safety. Despite the fact that retread tires once had a reputation for being unsafe and for falling apart on the highway, these tires are as safe as they can be. The retread process has been refined over many years, leading to better-quality tires. Although many people believe that the rubber chunks on the side of the road belong to retreads, they can actually belong to tires of any kind. Tires are vulnerable to many things, including excess weight, under-inflation, and damage from road obstructions. Retreads are durable enough to stand up to demanding use with less risk of blowouts. In fact, you can find retread tires in many places, including on airplanes and many different types of trucks.

Environmental Friendliness. Every tire that goes through the retread process represents one less tire accumulating in a landfill. In addition, it's also one less brand-new tire that has to be manufactured from scratch. That means less oil required for production, which minimizes the carbon emissions of the manufacturing process. And, since there's less oil consumed through the process, it also means less overall oil consumption and less additional oil that has to be refined to replace it.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider retread tires when you're ready to replace your car's current ones. Don't let the myths and misconceptions convince you to pass up potential savings like this. Talk with your mechanic about the benefits of retread tires and how you can use them on your car. Make sure you keep them properly balanced and inflated to maintain the longest possible lifespan for the tire.

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